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Helpcenter / No Power Output When Engaging Throttle on Your E-Bike

No Power Output When Engaging Throttle on Your E-Bike

Q: What should I do if my e-bike is not providing power when I engage the throttle?


A: We understand the urgency of resolving this issue, and we appreciate your proactive approach. To assist you in troubleshooting and resolving the no power output problem, please follow these checks:


  1. Check Wiring Connections: Ensure that all wiring connections are securely and correctly linked. Loose or disconnected wires can lead to a lack of power. A thorough check of the wiring is crucial for identifying potential issues.
  2. Verify Pedal Assist Functionality: Test the pedal assist system to ensure it is functioning properly. Confirm that the pedal-assist mode engages as expected. This check helps ensure the overall functionality of the assist system.
  3. Inspect Motor for Unusual Sounds: Listen for any unusual noises coming from the motor. Uncommon sounds may indicate a potential issue with the motor. Identifying and addressing motor-related problems is essential for restoring power.
  4. Walk Mode Verification: Press and hold the '-' button to activate the walk mode. Confirm if the walk mode operates smoothly. This step helps assess the functionality of the motor under a different mode.


For a more accurate diagnosis, we kindly request you to capture a video demonstrating these checks. You can share the video with us either through email or by uploading it to Google Drive. This video will significantly assist our technical team in identifying and promptly resolving the issue.


We appreciate your cooperation in this troubleshooting process. If you encounter any difficulties during the checks or have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to ensure your e-bike is back to optimal performance.

Leave us a message and we will ge! back to you ASAP!

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